Saving Gets Easier When Everyone Pitches In

Seedling makes saving for your child simpler. Your Deposits + Their Gifts = More Savings

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Seedling Comes With a Lot of Help


Boost Your Child's Savings with an APY of 2.36%

Take advantage of a custodial savings account with our competitive rate and enjoy no limit on earnings. Select markets only.
*Introductory rate of 2.36% applies to first 3 months. After 3 months, APY to be converted to .04 - .06% depending on balance amount.


Turn Saving Into Something Social

Personalize your gifting page then send the link to your family, message it to friends, even post it to social media.


Protect Your Child's First Nest Egg

No minimum deposit
No monthly fee
FDIC Insured
*with average monthly balance of $500


Flexibility For Whatever Their Dreams May Be

Unlike other college savings plans, a custodial savings account gives a child the ability to fund whatever dream they have down the line.

How You Save

Set Your Goal

Stay motivated. Know what you’re saving for each year.

Fund Your Account

Make one-time and recurring deposits. Your consistency adds up!

Share Your Link

Send, text or post your Seedling link to invite anyone to contribute.

Watch It Grow

You’ll be notified of every gift so you can keep track of your goals.
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Gifts are Treated Like Gifts

When someone contributes to your Seedling account, they’re sent a gift certificate to print, wrap or send to your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Seedling?

Seedling is based on the idea that saving for a child is easier when everyone helps. When you sign up for Seedling, you can then open a Seedling Custodial Savings Account online. When you combine Seedling and an online Seedling Account, you’re able to invite anyone - friends, family, neighbors - to save for your child.

What is a custodial savings account?

A custodial savings account is a financial account that an adult or custodian opens and maintains on behalf of a child or minor. When the child/minor is of legal adult, the account and balance is transferred to them.

What are the fees or restrictions?

There is no minimum deposit needed to open a Seedling Custodial Savings Account. There is no fee as long as you maintain an average monthly balance of $500. If an average monthly balance is below $500, then there is a fee of $4.50 per month.
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Save for Your Child. Invite Everyone to Help.

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